12 Imam Aleyhimusselam
Hazreti Fatima Selamullahi Aleyha
Imam Mahdi Aleyhisselam

الْلَهُمَّ صَلِّ عَلَى مُحَمَّدْ وَاَلِ مُحَمَّدْ وَعَجِّلْ فَرَجَهُمْ وَالْعَنْ أَعْدَائَهُمْ

Maide 13 : So for their breaking their compact We cursed them and made their hearts hard; they would pervert the words from their meanings. and they forgot a portion of what they were reminded of.

According to the Islamic calendar, it was the time of the Friday prayer on the 10th of Muharram in 61 Hijrah when Imam Hussein Aleyhisselam was martyred.

(A) If any stone were to be lifted in the world there would be blood underneath it. The suggestion is that even the rocks were mourning the passing of Imam Hussein Aleyhisselam.

(B) It rained blood from the sky.

(C) When the sun went down drops of blood fell from it.

(D) The trees started to weep blood.

It is writen in the Britannica that instead of milk blood flowed from cows in England on the day that Imam Hussein Aleyhisselam was martyred. So when we look at the world from east to west there is blood seen everywhere. Trees, stone, sky, sun, rain, cows etc.

Resulullah Sallallahu Aleyhi ve Alihi ve Sellem ordered : "Imam Hussein Aleyhisselam is from me and I am from Imam Hussein Aleyhisselam, Allah Subhanallahu Teala likes whoever likes Imam Hussein Aleyhisselam."

Resulullah Sallallahu Aleyhi ve Alihi ve Sellem by holding the hand of Imam Hussein Aleyhisselam ordered : "That is Imam Hussein Aleyhisselam the son of Imam Ali Aleyhisselam. Know him. Hussein Aleyhisselam is in the Heaven, the one who loves him there are also in the Heaven, the one who loves his lovers they are also in the Heaven."

Resulullah Sallallahu Aleyhi ve Alihi ve Sellem ordered : "The right to choose to me verily prophecy, authorities of Imam Hussein Aleyhisselam the son of Imam Ali Aleyhisselam in the sky, is greater than the earth. As it is written on the right side of the throne of Allah Subhanallahu Teala : Hussein is the lamp of guidance and salvation ship."

Allah Almighty ordered : "Know that, Imam Hussein Aleyhisselam sayyids the world and the hereafter all the martyrs (master) and is the master of the youth of paradise."

Resulullah Sallallahu Aleyhi ve Alihi ve Sellem ordered : Who wants to look at the best loved of the sky beside the inhabitants of the most popular inhabitants of the earth, you see Hussein Aleyhisselam."

Hussein Aleyhisselam ordered : "If I had hundred boy, no one I would want to put another name than Ali."

Imam Riza Aleyhisselam ordered : "My father Imam Kazim Aleyhisselam, when we are in the the month of Muharram, he would not smiling, ten days until her grief and sadness would be victorious; Ashura (10th of Muharram month), the day of his calamity, sadness and would cry day; that day Hussein Aleyhisselam is the day of the murder."

Imam Riza Aleyhisselam ordered : Who is the day of Ashura, leave for work needs, Allah Almighty meets the needs of his world and the hereafter. Ashura who calamity, sadness and crying the day regardless of the day of judgment God Almighty makes his day of happiness and joy and heaven eye becomes enlightened us. Who names the day blessing the day of Ashura and if that day that something stock for homes, stocks have things that would not be blessed for him and would be together with Yazid and Ubayd Allah ibn Ziyadin in the hell's bottom layer in doomsday."

Imam Riza Aleyhisselam ordered : "If you want to be with the Prophet and the Ahlul Bayt in the rooms which are made in heaven you have to fuck to Hussein Aleyhisselam's killer."

Davud-u Rikki said : I was next to Imam Sadiq Aleyhisselam, he asked for water, after he drunk the wather his eyes filled with lush age and I saw him criying. Than he ordered : "Ya Davud ! God damn you to Hussein's killer; commemorate Hussein Aleyhisselam makes life sad (get it darker). I remember Imam Hussein Aleyhisselam every time I drink cold water; Whoever drinks water and remember Imam Hussein Aleyhisselam and fuck his killer, Allah Almighty would give him a hundred thousand Mitzvah (reward), he would clear a hundred thousand sins of his deeds, one hundred thousand degrees glorifies his authority, it would be like a hundred thousand slaves he freed, Allah Almighty it is resurrection as the Day of Judgment smiling."

Imam Sadiq Aleyhisselam ordered : "When you want to remember Imam Hussein Aleyhisselam say like that “Sallallahu aleyke ya Eba Abdullah” (Get you the greetings of Allah, O Abu Abdullah) and repeat these words three times."

Imam Sadiq Aleyhisselam ordered : If you want to get Mitzvah as if you were martyrize with Imam Hussein Aleyhisselam, whenever you remember him say like that :“Ya leyteni kuntu meahum fe efuze fevzen azima” (I wish I could be with them, and a great authority - martyrize- I Accesses.)

Imam Riza Aleyhisselam ordered : "Whoever cry for our calamity or make others to cry, his eyes do not cry on the day the others cry. Whoever sit in a place that revived our disposal, the day of the hearts die his heart do not die."

Imam Riza Aleyhisselam ordered : "Whoever read a poem about Imam Hussein Aleyhisselam which is the son of Imam Ali Aleyhisselam and make fifty people to cry, suppose it would be paradise; Whoever read a poem about Imam Hussein Aleyhisselam and make forty people to cry, suppose it would be paradise; Whoever read a poem about Imam Hussein Aleyhisselam and make thirty people to cry, suppose it would be paradise; Whoever read a poem about Imam Hussein Aleyhisselam and make twenty people to cry, suppose it would be paradise; Whoever read a poem about Imam Hussein Aleyhisselam and make ten people to cry, suppose it would be paradise; Whoever read a poem about Imam Hussein Aleyhisselam and make one person to cry, suppose it would be paradise; Whoever read a poem about Imam Hussein Aleyhisselam and he himself cry, suppose it would be paradise; Whoever read a poem about Imam Hussein Aleyhisselam and pretend as if he is crying, suppose it would be paradise"

Imam Riza Aleyhisselam ordered :"If you want to cry somebody, cry Imam Hussein Aleyhisselam. Because he was slaughtered as if a ram slaughtered and eighteen people from his family whom were unique in the word were killed. Seven heaven and earth wept for his death."

Imam Riza Aleyhisselam ordered : "The ones who cry they should cry to somebody like Imam Hussein Aleyhisselam; because to cry him destroy sin

Imam Sadiq Aleyhisselam ordered : "The visit of Imam Hussein Aleyhisselam is one of the most outstanding deeds."

Imam Bakir Aleyhisselam ordered : "Whoever wants to be in paradise, and should not leave the oppressed visit." Somebody asked Who is oppressed? and He ordered : "Imam Hussein Aleyhisselam son of Imam Ali Aleyhisselam the owner of Kerbela."

Imam Sadiq Aleyhisselam ordered : "Visit Imam Hussein Aleyhisselam. Do not hardhip him. Because he is the Lord from the creatures of the young of Paradise, th master of the martyrs."

Imam Sadiq Aleyhisselam ordered : "Allah Almighty to whom he wants to give benefaction, He would place on his heart the love of the visit of Imam Hussein Aleyhisselam."

Imam Sadiq Aleyhisselam ordered to Sudeyr : "Sudeyr! Why you do not visit Imam Hussein Aleyhisselam five times every friday and once a day?" Sudeyr answered :I should be sacrificed to you. But the distance between me and Him is too long. He ordered : "Go up to your house, then look left and right, then lifted his head toward the sky, as well as tending towards Imam Hussein Aleyhisselam say like that :“Es-Selamu aleyke ya Eba Abdillah Aleyhisselam! Es-Selamu aleyke ve rahmetullahi ve berekatuh” If you do like that a visit Mitzvah reward is written for you, the reward is a pilgrimage of Umrah in this visit."

Imam Sadiq Aleyhisselam ordered : "Read the verse of Fecr after each prayer. Because this verse is the verse of Imam Hussein Aleyhisselam. Be willing to read this verse, God have mercy on you."

Ebu Usame asked : How is this verse is about Imam Hussein Aleyhisselam?

Imam Sadiq Aleyhisselam ordered :" O satisfeid's (satisfied) soul! Return to the LORD, as pleased with Him and gained the consent. Join now and enter among my servants to heaven Did not you hear? Allah Almighty meant Imam Hussein Aleyhisselam from that verse. Because he found his self-satisfaction, and has won the consent of the LORD was pleased. Muhammad Sallallahu Aleyhi ve Alihi ve Sellem's family among his companions are pleased with the Day of Resurrection Lord, He is pleased with them.

This verse is about Imam Hussein Aleyhisselam. Whoever always read this verse, would be together with Imam Hussein Aleyhisselam and with his degree. Allah Almight is Mighty.

It's "Bayn ul Haramain" (The place between Imam Hussein Aleyhisselam and Hazreti Abul Abbas Aleyhisselam) YA HUSAIN written by a team of more than 1 Lac Zawwaars and Helpers (Khudams).

Imam Hussein Aleyhisselam would read the following prayer each morning and evening :

“Bismillahirrahmanirrahim, bismillahi ve billahi ve minellahi ve ilellahi ve fî sebilillahi ve alâ milleti resulillahi ve tevekkeltu alallahi velâ havle velâ kuvvete illa billah’il- aliyy’il- azim.

Allahumme innî eslemtu nefsî ileyke ve veccehtu vechî ileyke ve fevveztu emrî ileyke. İyyake es’el’ul-âfiyete min kulli sûin fid-dünya ve’l-ahireti.”


The name of Allah, with Allah's help, from God, true God, God's way, I'm moving to the Messenger of Allah's religion. I trust in God, but the power and strength that comes from God almighty.

God, I surrendered myself to you, I turn my face to you, and I left my works to you. I just want from you get rid of all evil in the world and the Hereafter."

Karbala is regarded as one of the most holy cities of Iraq and the Islamic World . It acquires this high-ranking because it witnessed great events which left their marks on the Islamic history .

Unlike other city , Karbala name is to be engraved in the memory of generations and the expanse of the Muslim world in that it holds the holy shrines of Imam Hussein Aleyhisselam and his brother al-Abbas Aleyhisselam with many of their companions whom martyred in the battle of al-Taff in 61 A.H.

Tens millions of pilgrims from throughout the country and around the world visit these holy shrines every year.Thus , it becomes a centre of religious instruction , worship and a cradle of Islamic schools as well as scholars .

Therefore , it was out of necessity to construct an Internet site that participate in consolidation and spreading out the tolerant conceptions of Islam and the immortal values of Imam al-Hussain Aleyhisselam in ways that suit and harmonize with the requirements of the world nowadays taking in consideration the rapid and huge technical development specially in fields of communication and Information.

Resulullah Sallallahu Aleyhi ve Alihi ve Sellem ordered: "Hussein is from me and I am from him, God love who loves him."

In the dark night light rises from his blessed forehead and people knew him with that light.

One of the People of Iraq came to Abdullah b. Umar and asked: "If a person kill mosquitoes during ihram, what is the sentence?" Abdullah b. Umar said: "Look at this guy! He came ask that the blood of mosquitoes! Whereas they killed the prophet's son. However, I heard from the Messenger of Allah ordered : Hassan and Hussein are the two roses of my garden in the world. "

Have you ever seen an unknown person polishing another's shoes? Or helping him to wear socks? Or giving clothes for cold weather? Or anything which you can't assume!

This is the holy journey to Karbala where people gathers from every corner of the world! Where millions of Humans (not only Shia Muslims) come to pay tribute and to commemorate the 40th day of the martyrdom of Imam Hussain a.s and his companions.

It is reported that in Paris a gunman shouted "Allahu Akbar" (God is great in Arabic) before firing. No doubt, killers of Imam Hussain Aleyhisselam shouted the same.

14 Infallibles Aleyhimusselam are the One and the Only Light :

Mohammed Mustafa Sallallahu Aleyhi ve Alihi ve Sellem ..... Imam Ali Murtaza Aleyhisselam ..... Hazreti Fatima-i Zehra Selamullahi Aleyha ..... Imam Hasan al-Mucteba Aleyhisselam

Imam Hussein Seyyidi Suheda Aleyhisselam ..... Imam Aliyen Zeynel Abidin Aleyhisselam ..... Imam Muhammed Bakir Aleyhisselam ..... Imam Cafer Sadiq Aleyhisselam

Imam Musa Kazim Aleyhisselam ..... Imam Ali Riza Aleyhisselam ..... Imam Muhammed Taki Aleyhisselam ..... Imam Ali Naki Aleyhisselam ..... Imam Hasan Askeri Aleyhisselam

Imam Mahdi Aleyhisselam.