Hazreti Fatima Selamullahi Aleyha in Islam


12 Imam Aleyhimusselam
Hazreti Fatima Selamullahi Aleyha
Imam Mahdi Aleyhisselam

الْلَهُمَّ صَلِّ عَلَى مُحَمَّدْ وَاَلِ مُحَمَّدْ وَعَجِّلْ فَرَجَهُمْ وَالْعَنْ أَعْدَائَهُم

Hazreti Mohammed Sallallahu Aleyhi ve Alihi ve Sellem ordered :"My family among you are like Noah ark . Whom sails on it will be safe, but whom holds back from it will perish. "

Kevser : "We have given you Kevser. So pray unto they Lord, and sacrifice. It is thy insulter who is without posterity."

In the Holy Quran The Verse Of Kevser is about Fatima Selamullahi Aleyha. Allah Subhanallah Teala ordered to Prophet Sallallahu Aleyhi ve Alihi ve Sellem "We will give you lot of beneficence." And than this verse was revealed.

Resullullah Sallalahu Aleyhi ve Alihi ve Sellem ordered to Hazreti Fatima Selamullahi Aleyha : " Allah Subhanallah Teala would wrath with your wrath and He is pleased with your pleased."

Imam Cafer Sadık Aleyhisselam ordered : Hazreti Fatima Selamullahi Aleyha called with nine names by Allah Subhanallahu Teala : Fatima, Siddika, Mubareke, Tahire, Zekiyye, Raziye, Merziyye, Muhaddese, Zehra. She is called Fatima bacause she is innocent. If Imam Ali Aleyhisselam had not be there would not be a deserves husband for Fatima Selamullahi Aleyha."

Hazreti Resulullah Sallallahu Aleyhi ve Alihi ve Sellem ordered while Imam Ali Aleyhisselam, Hazreti Fatima Selamullahi Aleyha, Imam Hasan Aleyhisselam and Imam Huseyin Aleyhisselam were next to him : "You My Lord Subhanallahu ve Teala as you know my Ahl-Bayt is the most important. Be friends with their friend, be enemy with their enemy, help the ones who help them."

Than He ordered to Imam Ali Aleyhisselam : You are the Imam of the ummah and my tutor. You will guidance The Mumin to the Heaven. I could see as if my daughter Fatima Selamullahi Aleyha is getting on a riding which is from light, and She has seventy thousand angels on her right side and seventy thousand angels on her left side and seventy thousand angels behind and She is taking the Woman of the Mumin to Heaven. Whoever prays of five pray, fasts in Ramadan, goes to Macca for Hacc, gives zakat, subservient to her husband and whoever lives Imam Ali Aleyhisselam will be going to Heaven with Hazreti Fatima Selamullahi Aleyha.

Hazreti Fatima Selamullahi Aleyha is the important figure in Islam. Today one of the very fruguently asked question : Why the Muslem woman wearing scarf? This question is not asked by only Christians, Jewes but Muslums asks each other as well. Fist of all, scarf is not the order of Allah Subhanallahu Teala givin only for Muslems but it was for Christian and Jewes as well. It was the order for all of the women from Prophet Adam Aleyhisselam. The rules of Allah Subhanallahu ve Teala could not change from period to period.

If you watch the old American movies you could see the women wearing hat on their had. There was a movies called "Little House". In that movie all of the ladies were wearing scarf. Why? Is it old fashion? Why the nuns today have wearing scarf? Are they the only one responsible from the rules of Allah Subhanallahu ve Teala or we are all responsible? The religious ladies also wearing scarf in Jerusalem as well. Because in the past all the Chirstians and Jewes women were wearing scarf. But what happend after that. The clergy had meeting and discussion about scarf and they decided that the women can wear hat instead of scarf. So that is how the women started wearing hat. But the Chirstian should look at the pictures and frescos of Virgin Mary in the churches. Nobody can see her without scraf. She always wearing long scarf.

What is happend after the women take of their scarf? They wear whatever they want and it is called freedom. There are lot of women today they live lonely because they have no family. In most of the contries now the main problem is the population aging. Why? Because women could not marry because freedom which means be with anyone in anywere. Is that a right living of human beings? Or we should follow somebody. Is there any assitance, guide, leader. Yes this is way you should believe in Allah Subhanallahu Teala because He would never send his Rules to the people to turtore. He send his 124.000 prophets and that for last he send 14 Masum Aleyhimusselam. Hazreti Fatima Selamullahi Aleyha is of the figure of 14 Masum Aleyhimusselam and you should look at carefully.

Resullullah Sallallahu Aleyhi ve Alihi ve Sellem ordered : "Everybody will be together with the one whom he loves in The Heaven."

Prophet Sallallahu Aleyhi ve Alihi ve Sellem ordered : "She is part of my body. Grinding to her is grinding to me. His pleasure is my pleasure."

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